MyLion Reporting Templates 

These reporting templates should only be used on their set schedule to report our ongoing, regularly scheduled activities. They are for past reporting and not future reporting.

What to Report & How To Report It

Virtually everything that members of the Fort Bend County West Lions Club does counts as reportable service. There are some types of service that are aggregated while there's other service that is individually reported.

Every member of the Fort Bend County West Lions Club is empowered and encouraged to plan their own activities for the club. As such, every activity is a reportable activity, except for explicitly partisan or religious events. Learn more from the definitive source on Lions Clubs International service reporting: Lions Clubs International.

Reporting is the challenge. But not really. When reporting any activity we need the following

Not sure if you can report or not?

In the Fort Bend County West Lions Club, the following people are able to press the report button in MyLion:

At the District level, there are a few additional people we can count for help if we need it:

What to do if you aren't one of the 10 people who can report?

For most of our members, you won't be able to actually press the report button. That's OK. Instead, what we want for you to do is plan the event ahead of time (even if it's just an hour or half an hour before), and then shoot an email to Rev. David with the above information so he can log it in. If you forgot to "plan" the activity before you did it, no problem, just send an email. You can also fill out this form below if that's easier.

If I can't report should I still register for MyLion?

Absolutely 100% Yes! We use MyLion to send you event and activity invites, and this is also a great way for you to see what other clubs are doing and get some ideas of your own. Plus, there's also the Lions Learning Center, which you can only access once you've registered for MyLion. All you need is your LCI number and email address associated with your Lions International account. You can get that information from David, Sue, Mattie, Raevyn, or Glenda.